The Philosophical Egg

The Philosophical Egg – Alchemy performance in Croatia

“Nature contains all chemical matter which is required for the Philosophical Egg. However, in nature , nowhere is this eggfound in a perfect state. The basis of the philosophical work cannot be found in perfect composition, a conscious being must produce this basis artificially. Therefore alchemy is called an art. The alchemist is an artist because he is able to create the Philosophical Egg, through his understanding, his knowledge and his skill.” – Hermetic Maxim 1567

In a secret location in a monastery called MonteParadiso, on the coast of Croatia, an age-old alchemical ritual would be undertaken by the intrepid musicians and scientists of Forgotten Fish memory Orchestra. Through the night many people would come to witness the event and leave more confused than when they arrived. The alchemists themselves were oblivious to this fact, so absorbed were they in their work. Odd Banner prepared the ancient diagrams. Milu Ling weighed the ‘prima materia’. Bor Berzerka even set himself on fire, spontaneous human combustion actually. And after a long night and seven separate ritual acts involving water, metal, wind, string, fire and rain, the egg was finally hatched as the sun rose in the early morning horizon.

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