Makmed the Miller

IMG_7122Makmed the Miller is a founder member of Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra.

He is a musician, painter, author, performance artist and fakir.

He plays theremin, pipa, bouzouki, saz, cello, phono fiddle, yayli divan, guitar, percussion, circuit bent instruments.

He has built instruments such as the water organ based on the Bor Berzerka prototype, and several circuit bent keyboards and toys.

He has arranged the music for all the Forgotten Fish Memory live performances and all the Forgotten Fish Memory albums which he recorded, engineered and mixed at The Fish Tank, the  location where the orchestra rehearses, build instruments, make costumes, build theatrical devices and installations and cause general mayhem.


Before founding the orchestra he played with a wide spectrum of artists including

Gylan Kain (Last Poets)

Vilbjorg Broch (King Cannibal and the Headhunter)

Arkadi Len (Datura Dogs)

Amsterdam Balloon Company

Arkadi Nasonov (Sonic Monks)

Mutant Horns.

Since founding the orchestra he has also worked on numerous other projects including

The Bewitched (with Astral Gonad)

The Nostalgic Crocodiles

Solo projects include the theremin album ’14 Smash Hits for Theremin’

and ‘The Mysterious Voice of the One String Phono Fiddle’.

He has performed for more than twenty years as a fakir in many countries including Russia, Netherlands, U.K. , U.S.A., Germany, Hungary, His main instrument of torture being the ‘classic’ bed of nails.

As well as playing in regular venues he has also done a large amount of street performances in countries including Russia, China, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Palestine, Greece, Scotland.


3 Responses to Makmed the Miller

  1. Dana Finch says:

    Love your new website, Makmed…. look forward to seeing more soon,

  2. NathanVanmiddlesworth says:

    If I were to want some sort of sound recording,such as a CD.How might I go about finding one? Not exactly the easiest artist to find info on!

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