Anniversailles de Pierre du Soleil

Anniversailles de Pierre du Soleil

Travelling through space and time, the Fish Memory ensemble also played during the reign of Louis XIV . In order to balance the finances of unpaid performances in the poor house and at public beheadings , the orchestra would also play at specially arranged Salon Recitals for the most decadent aristocrats.These recitals would be the talk of the court, a minor sensation, if somewhat scandalous. Their inclusion of oriental tunes was considered to be rather exotic, even dangerous, and some of the instrumentation was frowned upon as belonging to the working classes .But mostly, the fading aristocracy who were fortunate enough to attend these Salon Recitals were thrilled and entertained . The air was thick with talcum powder and the atmosphere was a heady and intoxicating mix of string ensemble, theremin and, of course, snuff.

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