The Lunar Pantomime

Makmed the Miller “The Lunar Pantomime”

1. Blindness and the Light
2. Baby with Typewriter
3. Mr No Name Wakes in an Iron Cell
4. Toxteth Opium Eaters
5. Mice
6. More Blue on the Street
7. In the Circus of Illusion
8. Wheel of Fortune – Hand of Fate
9. Addis Ababa
10. La Thereministe Aquatique
11. State of Siege
12. Hirajoshi Mode in C for circuit-bent casio and cello
13. Old Shanghai
14. We Can Change Our Minds

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1 Response to The Lunar Pantomime

  1. andronymous says:

    I did not know until just now (thanks to the recent YouTube description) that there was an album. Excitement abounds!

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