A group of Israeli activists campaigning against the building of the wall which surrounds the West Bank, asked Fish Memory to join in a show being organised to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinian people as a result of the wall and it’s disastrous effect on their lives.Their response to this request was to put on the performance which they called Wallflowers.

Throughout history, walls have been built to keep out enemies, from Hadrian to the Chinese. However the wall around the West Bank, whose construction began in 2003, was, like the Berlin wall, designed to keep people in, imprisoned basically. It also facillitated the illegal annexing of more land from the Palestinians. The wall, some parts 8 metre high concrete, was declared in violation of international law by the International Court of Justice in the Hague, but the building simply continued.

This performance by the fishy ones was unusual in that they had to share the stage with several other artists who were appearing on the benefit bill that evening, so they were unable to do much in terms of transforming the playing environment, site-specific work or creating large or lavish installations, as was their habit. Gaelic Punkt still managed to create a miniature installation inside a tiny glass jar which he filled with sand and barbed wire. Can wall flowers grow in the desert?

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