Forgotten Fish

Who or what is Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra?

It is music, theatre, installation, film, performance art, costume party, light show, cultural train wreck, dance, ritual (real and fake).playtime

The music is traditional, contemporary, post-modern, ancient, naive, classical, situationist, the right notes with the wrong instruments, pentatonic, microtonal, harmonious, out of tune, chromatic, free, rigidly structured, coherent, upside down.

Theatre influenced by beijing opera, bauhaus, dada, kabuki, high school play, mummers, butoh, silent films, vaudeville, moliere, day of the dead, industrial, parajanov, mystery plays, theatre of the absurd.


Odd Banner

Founder Member, Clarinet, Ukulele, Whistle,

Harmonium, Percussion. Painter, Actor,

Decors, Lights, Swallowtail Coat, Baklava.

Gaelic Punkt

Founder Member, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet,

Suona, Swanee Whistle, Centrifuge, Devices

and Paraphernalia, Bavarian Welding Mask,


Ali Dada

Violin, Percussion, Extra-Terrestialism,

Box Harp, Spoons, Social Journalism,

Cymbals, Scissors, Flashlight.

Makmed the Miller

Founder Member, Cello, Bouzouki, Pipa,

Saz, Theremin, Glass Harp, Percussion,

Fake Beard, Arranger, Composer, Mixer.

Astral Gonad

Mandolin, Singing Saw, Qanun, Accordion,

Harmonium, Egg, Voice, Green Tea,

Marine Biology, Extra Leg.

Przemek Miler

Harmonium, Walking Machine,

Abstract Expressionism,Mannequin,

Random Objects, Japanese Radio.



Accordion, Xylophone, Music Box,

Piano Harp, Sound and Light, Fire,

Slow Motion, Multiple Screens,Iron Shoes.

Milu Ling

Big Drum, Piano Harp, Mbira, Cymbals,

Woodblock, Whistle, Slow Dancing,

Fake Japanese Percussion.

Bor Berzerka

Banjo, Cello, Cavaquinho, Band-Aid,

Water Organ, Aluminium Suit,

Instrument Builder, Faded Aristocrat.

Saouiri Fugitive

Arabic Rap, Essa-Underground,

Dark Charisma, Multiple Voices, High Jinx,

Family Values, Tomatoes and Bananas.

Billy Monday

Unplayable Concertina, Composer,

Guide, Mental Chess, Piano, Football,

Web Design, Nickel Harp.

Idea van Verdi

Violin, Chorus, Neurologist,

Scientific Approach, Technical Expertise,

Measurements, Bloody Apron.

One-Shot Albuquerque

Singing, Documentation, Photography,

Films, Webcams, Siesta, Roadtrips,

Fado, Border Crossings

Elven Kaban

Contrabass, Master of Drones,

Mayan Symbolism, Shamanic Trance,

Dogs, Suspicious Automobiles.

Reiku Garotte

Accordion, Xylophone, Cowboy Hat,

Harmonium, Short Order Chef,

TexMex Effex

Jack Greenbark

Violin, Xylophone, Typing,

Alien Abductee, Music Box,

Political Studies

Eskimo Mosk

Transverse Flute, Piccolo, Whistle, Sign Language, Japanese Harp, Bowler Hat,

Pigeon Spanish, Bicycle Repairs


Abarth Emento

Banjo, Contrabass, Bakfiets, Guitar, Musical Theories, Percussion,

Plastic Tubes, Telephone


Baldimore Brackett

Flute , Radio, Percussion, Invisible Clarinet, Egg,

Spontaneous Costumes,

After Dinner Speaking, Technical Department


Azzazero Medjugorski

Contrabass, Baglama, Water Organ, Coffee Grinder



Toni Casablanca

Cello, Newspaper, Nostalgia, Tonal Precision,

Instrument Repair

14 Responses to Forgotten Fish

  1. I accidentally discoverd this amazing group and tried to scour the internet for more information. This site is awsome and definately serves a need. thank you

  2. EEC-Anglo says:

    Border-less arty bunch of beautiful groundbreakers, mindbogglers, muse-icians! Hagolian hi ðon!

  3. thanks
    the mind boggles

  4. This is the kind of theater of my dreams. I just put on a theatrical dance piece Prima Spira that is very much a smorgasbord of aesthetic like you guys…seriously enamored! Wherever you guys are let’s start a new project or let me apprentice….! It doesn’t matter where, I can travel!

    thank you for your manifestations of brilliance, lustre, and light in murky times indeed!
    much much love and good energy your way…!

  5. Furthermore, the anonymous PArisian grafitti…live without dead time has been my credo for the past year and when I saw the title of your blog I almost gasped at the synchronicity! Incredible! Incredible! I really want to collaborate with you guys…I have never seen an artistic group so close to what inhabits my imagination!!!

  6. OutaSpaceMan says:

    U R doin’ it rite.


    • Thanks. I’ve had a quick look at your channel on youtube. It looks very creative. I will investigate further!

      • OutaSpaceMan says:

        Have a quick Scan of my blog: The Inexplicable World Of OutaSpaceMan while your at it.
        During my childhood I would visit my Auntie Irene in Hipperholme.
        She would let me wear the lampshade from the standard lamp so I could be an Emperor.
        Astral Gonad’s headgear reminded me of that long-ago empire


  7. I played you once in my Radio in Egypt, it was one of the weirdest things they’ve ever heard, and I do play a lot of weird things. and I never tell anyone about you, I fuckin love your anonymity, my archive is so tight, I use countries and genres to label my music. you are not in a country nor in a genre.

  8. realdrummm1 says:

    ”The music is different here, the vibrations are different. Not like planet earth”.. I found out first about Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra during a very intimate record fair in Brussels. I bought the record Our Tin Tribe, after I skipped on the songs on a portable record. It was something that I have never heard before. Weird, philosophical, melancholic, romantic, misterious. Though I could feel a wide influence from all over the world, asian and european.

    thank you for the music!

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