Iron Shoes

Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra  ‘Iron Shoes’  – CD


1. Retribution
2. Bratislav Nigun
3. First Japanese Landing on the Moon
4. Three Cornered Hat Dance
5. Rassvet Na Ural
6. Long Vehicle
7. Iron Shoes
8. Aurora en Pekin
9. Mexican Day of the Funeral
10. Bead of Sweat
11. Liquid Helium
12. The Snake Charmers Wedding
13. E Ma Ri Khrod
14. Mehmed’s Your Uncle

3 Responses to Iron Shoes

  1. OutaSpaceMan says:

    FFMO’s version of ‘Aurora en Pekin’ fascinated me so much I went on a search for the original version…
    Wading through the links to Marc Ribot’s version, I finally stumbled on Sexteto Bolona.
    FFMO really did the piece justice and the video is a hoot!


    • dear osm
      thanks for your comment
      i discovered this tune one afternoon in a cinema in amsterdam while watching a film by the brilliant pina bausch. it was on the soundtrack and took me a long time to track it down and with the aid of my spanish friends,even longer to figure out the words, which seem to shift between havana and peking as though they were a short tram ride away from each other. that would have been late 80s i think. marc ribots version brought it into more of a high profile.
      alfredo bolona is a midget by the way but a great bandleader and arranger. i should do a piece about him on the blog.

      • OutaSpaceMan says:

        I bought a Sexteto Bolona album, Echale Candela, it does not disappoint.
        I worked out the chord sequence and happily twang away with FFMO on my ukulele.
        (Whilst wearing a false beard).

        Alferdo B. Certainly needs a blog post!

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