The Ancient World

The Ancient World – live performance in Persian Tea House Mezrab

There are many legends and apocryphal tales surrounding the Orchestra, regarding their origins, who the players are and how they came to meet each other. It was fitting that the history of the Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra would be revealed to the public by the renowned Persian storyteller, Sahand Sahebdivani.

In the exotic splendour of the Mezrab, the audience reclined on oriental cushions and fine carpets, were administered with grapes and succulent olives and were regaled with music and stories of all kinds. The tale of Astral Gonad , who lived in the belly of a whale in order to make a study of the production of the unique whalesong and its musical intervals. The charming adventures of flautist Baldimore Brackett, who was travellingbackwards in time in order to encounter extinct animals and some other Forgotten Fish.

The event as a whole was called ‘The Ancient World ‘ A Collection of Travellers Tales and Musical Voyages ’, a fitting theme for the orchestra whose genre has defied classification, but is often referred to in the media as post-modern traditional. Actually the orchestra are so inherently ancient that even the 20th century seems futuristic.

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