The Pyramid of Babylon

Babylon……the great city of ancient Mesopotamia. During the Assyrian period there was mostly chaos, revolt, war and unrest. However under Persian rule it flourished and became a centre of learning and scientific progress. In the fields of astronomy and mathematics there was a great leap forward. The name Babylon is a greek variant of the akkadian Babily. It means gateway of the gods or divine portal. Mesopotamian pyramids were called ziggurats. Esoteric belief considers that the function of the pyramid is to facillitate time-travel.The structure itself does not travel, rather it is a projector or a receptacle.

For the ritual performance ‘Pyramid of Babylon’ by Fish Memory, a pyramid was constructed by the visionary architect Davide Manzone. It was built from glass, wood and a number of different metals. At the centre of the structure was a shining golden orb which seemed to function as a mysterious spherical dynamo, giving power to the pyramid and to the entire event. Now it has been whispered in some circles that in order to achieve this event, the orchestra, using the pyramid, did actually travel back through time to ancient Babylon, in order to return with the ritual theatre, the music and the clothes of that period, cut from persian cloth and fine oriental silks. These outlandish and speculative stories are of course unconfirmed but what is true is that for this performance they especially enlisted the participation of a female astronomer who sat at the highest point of the pyramid, equipped with a large telescope and a vast array of maps of the heavens.

More strange was the occurrence of the sky changing from daylight to black during the course of the performance. This unexplainable phenomenon was witnessed by all those present and was most likely responsible for a certain hysteria, crying and laughter which pervaded the public mood. The performance itself was a ritual of musical, cultural and linguistic babble in japanese, italian, mexican, turkish and scottish/arabic. Sign language and ancient mudras were used. There was water ceremony and fire ceremony. In the end while the sky blackened and the orchestra re-entered their pyramid-machine, no one could really tell did time fly or did time stand still?

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