60 Degrees

Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra with Silo Theatre Group

Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra were invited by Silo Theatre to join them in their

performance piece 60 Degrees, so called because of the brilliant mechanical moving

stage, which was dissected into pie-portions of sixty degrees, and each portion then

further cut up into sections of three. The three sections rotated independently of each

other, creating continually new scenarios that revolved endlessly . The construction

was similar and dissimilar to the revolving stage used in some forms of traditional

kabuki theatre.

The Silo Theatre group themselves are 5% Artaud, 2% Bertolt Brecht, 4% Grotowski,

8% Pantomime, 9% Theatre of the Absurd, 7% Street Theatre, 6% Dogtroep, 7% Dada,

1% Harold Pinter, 6% Beckett, 9% Tadeusz Kantor, 5% Genet, 8% Cabaret, 2% Punch

and Judy, 8% Vaudeville, 6% Political Theatre, 18% Tableau Vivant, 15% Installation,

4% Puppetry, 4% Mummers and 87% beyond description.

The main contribution of the orchestra was to infiltrate the public and especially to

scare any children in the audience.

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